Our Building Process

How We Work

Our Building Process 1

1. Meet and Greet

Before we start designing, and before starting the building process, Owner/Director, Pasquale Papalia begins the process by us getting to know each another. From an initial discussion, you will gain a good understanding of our abilities and we aim to get a good understanding of your expectations. Once we have established some guidelines around style, size, budget and time we go away and match you with the designer we think best suits your requirements.

Our Building Process 2

2. Design Brief & Concept Drawing

Your allocated designer together with Owner/Director, Pasquale Papalia will take a detailed design brief. Every home at Papalia Building & Design starts with a blank canvas. The Designer will produce a detailed concept plan based on your individual brief and will work closely with Pasquale to ensure the design is within budget. Design guidelines are considered to ensure a smooth process through the Development Application stage. We will continue to refine the design until you are satisfied to move forward to our costing proposal stage.

Our Building Process 3

3. Fixed Price Proposal

A detailed fixed price proposal will be presented. Including a specification booklet, base house price, site works costings and a full breakdown of optional extras. We will continue to refine the proposal until we have fulfilled your requirements.

Our Building Process 4

4. Preparation of Plans Agreement (PPA)

On acceptance of the costing proposal, a PPA will be signed as a commitment to proceed to the pre-construction documentation phase.
Our Building Process 5


We will complete all the documentation required to achieve the necessary approvals for the construction of your new home, ie, Developers Approval, Planning Approval, Working Drawings, Engineering Drawings, energy rating report & BAL assessment (if required).

Our Building Process 6

6. Interior Design Consultation

We will assist and guide you through the selection of all items and products you need to build your home. You will also have the opportunity to make non-structural changes to the plans.

Our Building Process 7

7. Fixed Price Contract

Once selections and pre-contract documents are finalised contracts will be presented and signed.
Our Building Process 8

8. Building Approval

We will lodge relevant building permit application to the council. As we wait for the permit we will commence the building schedule to allow us to commence works as soon as possible.
Our Building Process 9

9. Building Works

Once building permit is received building works will commence. Owner/Director, Pasquale Papalia will coordinate and oversee the entire build, which will include regular site meetings with you the client.

Our Building Process 10

10. Completion & Handover

At the end of the build a practicable completion inspection (PCI) will be completed by Owner/Direction Pasquale Papalia and yourself.

Our client handover pack will include a Certificate of Occupancy, warranty and instruction documentation for appliances and fixtures, along with any other documentation from service providers.

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